First Draft? Pwned!

Yes, I am a gamer (was a gamer?) I no longer have time and don’t game, so I guess was is more appropriate. However, I was a WoW girl and in the glorious days of running around Azeroth (lols) pwned, was the word used to describe a complete massacre of an opponent (pvp), or monster (pve).

My first draft of the new kid ladies and gentleman, has been officially and without mercy, pwned into oblivion! (Well not really into oblivion, but I have closed the file window.)

One would think that my excitement would be  left for when the manuscript is no longer in its baby-steps phase and is in fact completely finished. However, after a month and a half or so of writing, getting frustrated, wondering if I should trash it  and simply staring at the screen like…huh? Because as I said before, this genre — YA fantasy, is completely new territory for me, maybe you can understand why it feels so great for me to be finished at least this.

I’m giving myself a day away from words before I start the reread. If that turns into two days, it’s probably because I allowed myself to see the inside of the gym again and by extension, another place besides my office. Don’t get me wrong, words can have me as much as they like, however, nowadays I do believe in taking a breather, as short as it may be, between stages.

When I post again, I’ll share what I’m going to be up to for February literary wise besides the re-read(s), but for now, I’m going to put something on that doesn’t require lots of thought and watch it, until it’s watching me.

Bed!!!! How I’ve longed for thee!