Where Am I Now?

It’s just after 10:30pm and I’m writing a quick update as I doubt I’ll be coming up for air anytime soon after this. It’s funny how quickly a date that seemed so far away can come and now its here I can’t quite sit back and say finished!…Yet. With just two hours to go before the first deadline of this well, first draft of the new kid is done, I suspect quite a few more words will fall to page. However, it won’t be enough to say that I’ve completed it.

Chronologically I’m at chapter 35, but I’m currently working on what I believe will play out as the second last chapter (because of what I already know I want in it and how I see the plot going in my head). As I said yesterday, I don’t want to lose words as they come, so instead of sticking to the order, I’m writing what’s in my head right now.

With just a few more chapters to go, I feel relatively good about the progress made. I’m not saying I wouldn’t have loved to be completely done, but it’s so close to the end I can taste it and that is pushing me to work harder. I won’t post again until I’ve completely finished the first draft. Until then, I wish all you readers wonderfully productive days to come.

Quick note: I’d said I would make my Twitter and Facebook links available by the end of January and I’ve done so with Twitter. I’m still wrestling with the idea of if I should take on another Facebook page (one for me, the writer), when I’m not always best at keeping up with my personal page in the first place. However, while I muse on that, the Twitter link can be found on the right hand side of my page (@jrtweetslive). I must warn you all though, I’m not quite the Twitter-holic and seldom make time for more than two posts a day. So, if you’re looking for a minute to minute account including what shape my breakfast toast is cut in, mine will probably not be the fount of excitement you may be seeking, either way, welcome all :).

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