To The Point…

I’m writing this between chicken in the oven (my little sister has been hinting for weeks) and being almost completely consumed by thoughts of the new kid. In summary, I have little time to write and so this will be short.

Yes, tomorrow is January 31st, 2012 and the first deadline I’ve set for myself to finish this work. The second (and last) deadline should I fail this time round, is set at February 12th, 2012.

I desperately don’t want to fail!

It has little to do with wanting to prove to the world (or rather the few people who take the time to read my posts), that I have achieved the task. This is about me, wanting to utilise the time I have, as best I can. This means as I’ve said before, if I can finish tomorrow, I can begin the tiresome process of the great re-read(s). Yes plural. So many times, that I eventually want to hurl the pages out the window (when they’ve been printed) and tell the entire story to shove it. Instead I continue on, take a break after the initial reads and come back to it later, with fresh and once again appreciative eyes.

Enough of that though; where am I? I’ve written up to chapter 31 in the chronological sense. This I did mostly over the weekend, as I’ve been literally buried under work and when that wasn’t the case, buried under blankets. Two future chapters have been written, because quite honestly, I had the words and wanted to spit them out right there and then; but they were unfortunately being kept back, because they wouldn’t fit in after the gorgeous 31. Overall I’d say I’ve got about 7 more to go. Do I think I’ll do it all tomorrow?

Considering I have to a) work and b) drive around for at least half of the day as well… I’ll surely try to!

The hardest thing is having the words and they’re there waiting to be typed (most of them at least). Some are being so elusive, I just might have to hire some kind of brain wizard to zap them into place. All of that said, I hope you are all very well and as the cliche goes…

Until tomorrow…


One thought on “To The Point…

  1. You need a Pensieve – an item in the Harry Potter Universe where wizards/wicthes pull thoughts from their brains and put them in the Pensieve for safe keeping.

    Wishing you the best in your continued work but don’t be too hard on yourself. I understand keeping to deadlines but with all the other stuff you have going on, you’re doing great so far.


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