No Time; Making Time…

It’s January 21st and in Barbados it’s a holiday where we celebrate Errol Barrow Day – ‘The Father of Independence’. It was through his efforts (and others of course) that Barbados became an independent nation in 1966. During his political life, he also implemented numerous changes that made life better for Barbadians and affected Caribbean people positively overall. There’s so much more I can say about him, but, it’s just as easily ‘Googled’, so let me move onto what this blog is primarily about.

One of the worst feelings for me, is wanting to write and other things standing in the way. The words kind of overload and jumble in my head wanting to be spat out on page, but because they can’t be at the time, they decide to play mean and hide away until such time as they feel I’m worthy of them. Well that’s my overly dramatic way of looking at it, but is one of the reasons jotting ideas down — anywhere, is a necessity for me.

This date marks ten days left to finish by the initial deadline for the new kid. I’m well aware! I don’t want to have to go over the the mark into the additional two-week margin, as I feel that could be time spent doing the first edit and this year, I really don’t want to waste much time. Right now though, I’m so uncertain as to what the results will be come January 31st. It’s not because I have no words; they’re plenty, it’s that the time to write is escaping me horribly. You see, here in Barbados things are getting rather busy for journalists – VERY busy! So, I’ve literally been bogged down with work and seeing little end in sight. Hence my earlier annoyance with having to sleep. If I did not need to sleep, those hours spent doing so could be better used tapping away at keys! That aside, I’m trying my best to work with the time I have.

Take today for example, I’ve an assignment this evening that will most likely go on for a few hours, so I’ll do as much as I can before then. This along with cooking for my mum (as she’s ill), making sure my little sister isn’t busy taking over the ‘Housedom’ and all the other little things that make up the day, should make for a pretty busy one. I’m at chapter 21 and I’m only there because I fought against bed and won last night. I’d finished chapter 20 some days ago and in the running around that followed, hadn’t been able to continue. What’s great though and calming my nerves a bit, is that like I did before starting 20, I have a clear vision of where I want the story to go and exactly what I want to deal with until the end. The end by the way is the illustrious chapter 40.

Remember the trouble I was having on the designated routes earlier in the story? It seems to have disappeared because now, even as I write to you, all I can see are my characters’ lives unfolding before my eyes.

So, I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I really must start writing before the words play their sick version of hide and seek.