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Hey all, is Monday treating you well? It’s been okay as days go and while waiting for dinner, wanted to take some time to post in between working.

I haven’t gotten past chapter 19. I hear a ‘dun dun dunnnn’ in the background, but it’s really not as bad as all that. I just haven’t had the time to. Between sleeping (sometimes it’d be nice if we didn’t have to do that) and working (for work), I just haven’t gotten to write yet. The good news though, is that I know almost exactly how I want to begin chapter 20 and where I expect the story to go within that chapter, so that makes life easier.

Speaking of easier. I’d said I was using a new approach to make this particular project less of a pain in my butt (trying to keep it clean here). For those of you who’re no strangers to using this method… kudos. For the rest, especially those who write and are reading this, maybe this will make things flow better. I’ve said before that usually I don’t have much of a problem finding words or direction, something I’m very glad about and know that I’m rather fortunate in this way. However, as I’ve also said, this particular story isn’t one that I’m particularly accustomed to, it’s ‘teenie’ and I generally (even when I was much younger), seldom write stories where the main characters’ lives are still caught up in school and all that. To be honest, half the time I’m writing, I plainly see why so many stories in the genres of contemporary fantasy, urban fantasy etc, with these kinds of characters are written as they are. I admit to even rolling my eyes at some of the giants in the field, but now, as I’m on my own journey to completing a similarly styled manuscript, I see it all clearly now. I have even taken my proverbial hat off in apology, for the misplaced criticisms over the years. That said, here’s what helps me: I started to create a ‘five chapter plan’ from chapter 15. Basically what it is are major plot points that I want to cover in the course of the five chapters. Whenever I’ve done so, the particular point is ticked off the list. For example, right now there’s only one element that remains to be covered, then I’ll move onto chapter 21, where I’ll go through the same process all over again.

I won’t pretend, for me this is very strange, because I’m not the type to follow the straight and narrow path while writing, but I’ve found that even if I have to modify the requirements of my ‘pointers’, it still allows me a constant way forward, with regard to the story.

Okay, my time is up, dinner is calling and work’s shouts are faint, but audible.


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