Writing these words is someone who is truly tired. However, I said I’d tell of my progress by week’s end and as it’s Saturday, I must make good on that.

The new kid is currently at chapter 19. It’s been started and is quarter way through, but already has just enough information contained that a character’s conniving side is being exposed. That added to the backstabbing that will probably occur later in the chapter, are sure to make it a pretty fun one to write. That said though, it will have to wait until tomorrow, as today has made sure that I earned my bedtime, even though it isn’t yet 9 pm.

Chapter 19 is a great place for me to be in this story as it’s just a jump away from the halfway mark (chapter 20), which I want to have finished by tomorrow. If you’re tired like me and math has escaped you, I’m aiming for 40 chapters in this particular work. I usually have longer chapters and therefore less overall, but this time the story calls for short, to the point chapters, so who am I to stand in its way?

I want to tell you all about the new approach I’ve been taking with this work, that I’ve found makes it easier chapter to chapter. I haven’t done it before as I’ve never had to, but as I mentioned in my previous post, the new kid is quite unlike anything I’ve really worked with so extensively before and it seems it’s teaching me how to work well with it, just as I’m trying to make sure it’s as good as it can and should be. I will share, just not now. Bed’s getting anxious for me to get in and I can’t blame it.

May the rest of your weekends be filled with productivity and general awesomeness. Until next time 🙂