Progressively Progressive…

It’s been some days since my last post and a lot has happened in that period away. I spent time with friends and family, got sick again (compliments of outings with fever ridden pals — they were on meds and swore they could handle it) and got ahead with the new kid.

I was saying before that I had to go back in order to go forward and though I kept saying it, I didn’t realise exactly how much of an impact going back to previous chapters would make on this story. I felt sure all I needed was to clean up some ends and rework a few threads, but it turns out that because my mind likes to sometimes flutter to places it hasn’t been asked to go, current chapters are quite like “what’s happening here?” when they take a look back at their predecessors.

This is a good thing. I’m glad for this. Really.

However, I mentioned before having to go back so early on isn’t exactly one of my favourite things to do, so it’s a bit tedious in that way, but, I prefer it to be a tedious under-taking, than a gosh awful piece of writing. So I have made considerable progress since I last posted and I’m hopeful that if this trend continues, I could be joining the ‘past the half mark’ club soon.

On another note, I’ve been asked why I don’t have anything of mine up for public consumption. The reason is simple: I don’t intend to self-publish my novel-length works and those are what I have finished, or I’m working on most intently at the moment. I’m shopping  (peddle-baby) to publishers and agents. My choice not to self-publish, does not reflect my opinions on the practice, this is just my personal preference. I did have an excerpt up on a writer’s site a few months back, but removed it as I started doubting the integrity of the site. It could have been my paranoia at work, but either way it’s no longer there. If I self-publish it will be works of short fiction, which I generally work on when I’m taking breaks from the long hauls. So, if I ever decide to self-publish, I’ll be sure to make it public knowledge.

I hope that your first week in January has thus far been as productive as possible. Wishing you all well!