Tired; Not Quite Jaded Though…

I am tired. The kind of tired where your whole body hurts and even bed seems as if it isn’t enough. I would have said that I’m not a ‘no holds barred’ at Christmas type person in an earlier post, but, that doesn’t mean I still don’t need to shop. Don’t see the problem? I’m referring of course to the many people who are going about their business with utter fervour, even as I type. I was among them for a few hours this evening and that, on top of an already long day, didn’t exactly do wonders for my chi.

I have not done anything writing-related for a few days, the time has not presented itself in a practical way. Don’t worry though, as this was partially on purpose. I wanted to push and push with other things and now, I should have the next few days before Old Year’s comes around, to go writing/’anything else that needs to be done on that front’, crazy again.

When I have something worthwhile regarding my progress like — I made it past chapter 12 (as that’s where I stopped), I’ll say hello again. For now however, a chicken salad wrap is calling my name and my bed is trying to drown it out.

I hope you’re all very well and for anyone who might have gotten a clue and wondered, yes, the title of this post is in reference to Our Lady Peace’s song ‘Car Crash’ – love the band, especially their older stuff.

Now I’m really gone..