Not A Fangirl; No Problem…

December as you can probably imagine, is a pretty busy time in my office. Only last night, yes, Saturday night, I was in there trying to get through the document pile of doom that is on my desk. I’m pleased to announce that most of it was crushed with the force of fingers on keys. Today I’ll try to finish more, so the next two weeks can be more flexible.

I’m not a big fan of Christmas, not because I don’t enjoy it, I just don’t have the bursting  joy that so many people seem to associate with it. Before, I celebrated mainly because of my little sister, who is just shy of her teens and one of the loves of my life (the others are my mother and those friends that are closest to me). However, my mother no longer celebrates  the holiday and by extension, neither does my sister, so the reason to do so faded somewhat. Nowadays celebration is because of friends who seek to inject it into me yearly and, I go along willingly, appreciating the smiling faces and happy laughter I see and hear all around me.

Where writing is concerned, I want to make sure I have time before Christmas and by extension, before Old Year’s Night (how we refer to New Year’s Eve in Barbados and the Caribbean), to devote to the new kid. I want to get at least a few more chapters out before giving in to the ham (we’re huge fans of smoked ham and ours is amazing) and drinks that will be flowing. It’s funny, I rarely drink anymore, but I am looking forward to doing so with vigour with my friends on Old Year’s. I mean, we made it through an entire year! That’s huge and I don’t think  it’s generally given the right kind of credit. Not only that, but 2012 marks my first real year of putting myself out there as a writer from day one. Well maybe not day one, as I’m not sure how New Year’s Day will be if there’s the silly little thing called ‘drinks mixing’ involved the night before, but WEEK one for sure!

It feels great thinking about it to be honest.

For any of you readers who might feel you haven’t done enough this year, or you had a tough one and wish it could just evaporate from memory, or any other negative thing, think about this. We’ve all experienced those years, those weeks, days, hours even, but, look at it from another angle: You made it through, WE made it through another year (almost). There’s scores of people who haven’t. We’re still around to have a laugh with friends or family, comfort someone in need… write a book 🙂