A good friend of mine, actually the one who coined OSCTBS, was telling me last night that I should blog about this and since I agreed, here we go.

Whenever I have fight scenes or anything relating to combat to write into a story, things get a little interesting as I sit in front of the computer. First there’s the start, where I decide how someone is going to die, or be hurt, or persevere against a foe and while that should be simple enough, I generally take it a step further. The ‘step further’ is something I’ve always wondered if other writers do. I have no martial arts training, unless of course you count ‘kick boxing for fitness’ classes and I haven’t ever been in a fight, however when writing these scenes, I can’t exactly sit still.

I usually end up standing, playing out each movement with my own body, grabbing my own wrists, kicking, punching, becoming more than one character, interchanging parts, using props where necessary, you name it, I’ve done it. The simple reason is this, I see it as being rather important that these types of scenes are as believable as possible and if that means I might look a bit silly in order to prove that they are, then that’s what happens.

It extends beyond combat too. Character positioning is also something I’ll play out to see if it works or not and, while I might not be the most flexible on the block and my character might be ‘yoga queen’, it does help me to see them unfold even more vividly before my eyes.

The bottom line is, I don’t just go with the theory, but the practical is also a part of my process. I’m very hands on with my characters. I feel like I become them and in so connecting, I’m better able to tell their story.

Writing = simply wonderful.

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