A Day In The Wind? Not Quite…

Anyone who’s read some of my previous posts would probably think I’m regularly ill. Only this is far from the case. The last few weeks I’ve been hit by a recurring bug yes, but before that I literally cannot remember the last time I was properly sick. I rarely even get the common cold and yes, I know how fortunate I am because of this and by extension, realise this is probably why I mention when it actually happens so much — it’s a bit of a novelty of sorts.

Either way, today I’ve decided to take a sick day from work, my first for the year! At least, I don’t recall taking another. I’m not dreadfully ill and I will do what work I can from home (which is still quite a bit), I just woke feeling rather woozy, a symptom synonymous with what I was feeling before. This is literally a precautionary measure, so I can get through the rest of the week with little to no other symptoms cropping up. I think that was part of my problem before, I kept pushing when I should just have been still for a bit and let my system banish the sickly beast. This time however, I’m not taking any chances and though I feel guilty (because I’m missing an assignment today), it also means that I won’t miss any others this week and there are many.

I got some writing done yesterday and it was interesting for me how it played out. You see, I was bent on finishing a short — not looking to exceed 12k words, when I hit the T-Junction of ‘Which Way To Turn’ corner of ‘What Next’ and ‘Is That Good Enough?’ Avenue. You know what I mean, the place in the story that could literally go either way and if you don’t already know how you want it all to go, you’re left shifting between ideas, wondering which one will be the card you play. Finally, after staring at the screen for a bit, typing random words and deleting them for a bit, standing and sitting and standing and pacing for a bit, I simply decided to leave it till another time. Thing is, I had wanted to focus on writing for a particular period yesterday and since I was now under this time-frame, the guilt started to set in. I said to myself, “But there’s nothing more to write for this story at least not right now!” When it hit me, not for this story, but maybe another?

That made me dust the cobwebs that were forming on the new kid, as I hadn’t written anything since chapter 10 some days before. I started typing, words falling one after the other onto page and with them came that excited feeling I always get when I can clearly see what characters are supposed to do and what the next word should be with no doubts in mind. That resulted in half of chapter 11 being completed and when I go back to it, the paths that need to be taken are still deep dugouts in my mind.

I will try to write more today, after I’ve finished my work, for work. Maybe I’ll take up station in my bed as I tap away, so I cannot be accused of not resting by those closest to me. You see, I love working via a desktop computer. I’m not sure why this is the case and would have to think about it more in order to give an answer. At work I use my laptop and of course if I’m in bed this would also have to be the case, but somehow I love old faithful. It makes me feel comfortable, where laptops seem so confining, even when they’re on a desk. Hmm, that’s one of the reasons at least.

Readers, it’s Monday, make the most of it.

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