Scream! Close Mouth Now…

Talking to myself as I headed down the stairs about two minutes ago, I decided to turn and write this all down while it’s still finding a home in my…well, everything.

What am I talking about? The scream that’s nestled somewhere in my throat, happening in my head as it explodes with information and causing the nerves in my body to tingle and dance. You see, I spent the better part of today revamping my synopsis letter (you know how much I love those ) and sending my peddle baby to a few agents. 

Now you ask, “Why the screaming and gnashing of teeth?” I’ll answer you behind those teeth now gritted, keeping in the vocal annoyance I want to sound.

Across the web, you find so much information about how query letters, synopses and all the other wonderful things that could make you or break you before anyone even reads the actual work, should be written. There are recurring points, that you start to realise are probably the basics and things you should follow. Then they’re the toss-ups, the things you’ll probably never know for sure if you’re doing right, unless you land said agent, publisher, etc.

My final internal scream, which translated into me walking down stairs, talking to myself and eventually saying “Ah, Ah, Ah” (in the same lack-lustre tone as it appears here), came from clicking a link from a particular agent, which led me to another page of ‘how to write a query letter’. What they had there, was not what I’ve sent to the last four. Lovely. However, what I previously sent, I’d also found after scouring the web some time before. What a to-do there was.

I’ve finally decided to throw up my hands, stick to the basics that all those who supply this very necessary information give and hope for the best, while taking into account who I’m sending to. Example, the link I went to, immediately made me change the query letter I was going to send, as while they said they had ‘no preference’, what’s the point of leaving it to chance, when they gift-wrap it for you.

*Deep breath*

 The scream has abated and I’ve come to better terms with having to wait until I’m within the ‘circle of the all-knowing’, where I’ll probably find out there is no real answer to my questions after all.

Weekend Wrockers have a great one!