Recharged & Ready to Wrock!

Yes, somewhere deep down I decided that ‘wrock’ would be a cool pun on the words writing and rock and even as I continue to type, I’m not changing it. Maybe someday it’ll catch on?

Moving away from my weird word of the day, it is just after 5:30am and I’m up! For the moment I feel really good – the new meds I’m taking are really something special, but I know I’m not out of the woods yet. Either way, I’m up this early because well, I guess I’m usually up early, but, I wanted to deal with writing-related things (like blogging), before I have to leave  for work.

I have to admit that yesterday I felt quite ‘meh’ – this is a non-word that I think describes it best when I feel completely out of it. I could feel it even as I typed to all of you. I didn’t end up re-reading the new kid, but don’t be alarmed, instead I started to do something else I’ve been putting off, that is just as important. I began to try to understand WordPress. I must thank fellow blogger Kate Policani, for her blog post ‘Things That Are Missing’ – found at this link: ( as it was definitely the jump-start I needed to get it done. For any of you reading this who don’t do it, learn what you can about WordPress, as Kate said, it can be a bit hairy to get around and navigate, but as I learnt last night, they make it simple enough by having all the information you need readily available.

I intend to take my blog public (well, more public than it already is) by early next year and some of the things WordPress offers allows you to do that easily, instead of having to do it all yourself from scratch. Why early next year and not right now? There are a few things I want to put in place before I really put the blog out there aggressively. Also, keeping up with social networking requires time and effort and where my writing is concerned, I want to make sure I give it the best spot possible in my busy lifestyle. As such, at the moment I need to clear a few more things off my plate, to ensure I can do that more effectively.

As I said earlier in this post, today I have to deal with things for work and while it’ll be a long day, at least I’ll be having fun with what I need to do. When I return home I want to focus on the new kid for sure. I feel disconnected from it and want to let the words wash over me so I can move forward in efforts to meet the deadline I’ve made for myself to finish it: January 31, 2012. Do I think that’s too short a time? No I don’t. In my opinion and I believe this must be the case for all if not most writers, the only time you don’t get things done, is if the words stop coming. If the words are flowing, then personal or otherwise imposed deadlines can be easily met.

Readers, have an amazing Friday and I’ll let you know how things go on the writing front tomorrow.