Enter Title Here…

It is Thursday night. I had to think for a moment to be completely sure what day it was, because since I’ve been ill-ish coupled with the whirlwind of daily activities, I have to admit I’ve been losing days or rather misplacing them. Example: A friend of mine was here from Canada for a couple weeks and I messaged her to say ‘hope your vacation is still going well’ or something like that and she asked if it was some kind of sick joke as she’d been back to work from that day. The problem? I was literally a couple days behind in my head.

The week thus far hasn’t been a very productive one on the writing front. Even my post’s title should be indicative of that. My department being short-staffed coupled with me not feeling on top health-wise, have taken their toll on the words. To be honest, everything I said I wanted to do after I wrote that ONE chapter, hasn’t been done. For no other reason than I have been absolutely exhausted. I spoke to my mum today and wearing the ‘I told you so’ face, she informed me that had I listened to her when she’d said take a few days last week to properly rest, I’d be up and about now. Maybe she’s right on that one. Either way, the lack of progress for whatever reason leaves me quite unimpressed with myself.

I’m here now though.

Before meds and bed, I will re-read some of the new kid, I’ve been meaning to and keep putting it off as I write more. So, as it’s a necessary evil, better start than have to do it later when I’m even further in. I find this way easier, because it allows me to make changes early on, instead of having to fiddle around too much when I’m on the home stretch.

I’m not going to pretend, right now I just want to take the recommended dosage and climb into bed, but, I won’t.

Until tomorrow…