Fits of Coughter; OSCTBS…

Yes, yes, any grammar police, I know ‘coughter’ is not a word, but it explains my last few nights and some days in one made-up word. So while I seemed to kick  the deep-seated illness into the abyss (think ‘300’ – the movie), I’m left with a cough that likes me to stay up at night. Had I thin walls, neighbours would probably wonder what was going on, as I’m sure I sound just short of the phrase ‘coughing up a lung’.

Due to my left-overs of illness, I haven’t been into the office as I’m avoiding the air-conditioning, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working. Assignments have been taking up lots of my time these last days.

So where am I on the writing front?

Well, I finished a chapter a day ago and it was one that was quite important, as I have found my way in this work finally. Sometimes when I write, the story builds and then there’s one defining moment that makes me have to go back and change things for the better. This chapter was the defining moment, so I’m glad. I didn’t do anything writing-related yesterday, because a) I was working most of the day, b) took a break to get in some gym time (which in retrospect was a good idea, bad idea situation considering I’m not at my healthiest) and c) I honestly felt so worn out when I was finished with the day, that writing anything besides the grocery list would probably have been a fumbling mess. So, as I lost a day in that department and if you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’d know I really don’t like losing days when it comes to my writing. I have to make up for it today.

I still have to deal with work yes, but I’m thinking I will peddle a bit when I have pockets of time in between and then later on when I’m home (hopefully I won’t get stuck with an evening assignment), I’ll write then. Basically, I will make sure I don’t let today pass without giving some focus to my work.

I used to have all these excuses. One in particular I liked to use was this: “I work with writing and editing all day, so coming home to write seems so hard sometimes!” While this isn’t a lie for me, I just stopped thinking like that. What’s the point? If I kept thinking that way, I’d get absolutely no where and then what? *crickets* Exactly, nothing. Sure, sometimes I worry about other things, like the expense of sending work (not cheap from here, each send after printing, prepping etc, cost a few hundred – no not kidding, Barbados isn’t the cheapest place around). In the next breath though, I have to remember this, if I never put my foot out there, how will anyone know I want to be published? How will anyone even know I exist as a writer of fiction? So, while I’ll exhaust the electronic submissions options presented, I will still make sure that I send to those who want the hard copy. They’ll just be fewer and farther in between – at least for now.

I have a good friend who says ‘OSCTBS’ whenever she hears of my progress – she’s made-up that acronym for me: ‘One Step Closer To Bestseller’.

Readers, what are you going to be one step closer to today?