Sick? So What?

I’ve been ill again these last few days and I’m wondering if it’s cause I didn’t properly get rid of the bug I had recently, or if it’s something new. Either way it hasn’t stopped my flow.

When I felt really ill on Friday, I decided to build on old thought and work on one of the short stories I’m thinking of self-publishing. Figured it’d be a nice way to get some thoughts and words out there, without using fiction I would rather shop otherwise. Saturday I started back work on the new kid and managed a chapter before falling back into ‘why, oh why, do I feel this way? – Ugh-bed’. Later, I managed a quarter chapter before having to eat, overload on Vitamin-C and take pills. Of course, my bed was involved again soon after.

Not being able to work steadily, especially on days when I’m off from my day-job, is a bit of a drag as I feel I’m wasting time. Don’t get me wrong, I know getting back to good health isn’t a waste of time and thus these thoughts are semi-irrational,  just explaining how I tend to feel when I miss days that I could be doing things writing-related. I especially feel this way because obviously when I’m at work I can’t focus on writing as I’d like to. That’s why I still try to get in at least a little bit, even if, like the last few days, I have to crash on and off.

I’ve had people say to me: you’re a journalist, so your day-job is writing. They tend to forget the part where you’re not, at least I’m not, writing what I’d want to all day if I could. It’s great I get to do a job that coincides so wonderfully with something I’m good at and I am thankful that I have one when so many don’t. While this is the case though, I can’t wait till I’m one of the fortunate writers who gets to write what they want for a living. That honestly must be one of the greatest things. To be able to wake up and your day-job be what you absolutely love doing. Whether it’s writing or anything else.

Have an amazing Sunday all!

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