Independence With A Touch Of Words…

Today in Barbados is our 45th Independence day, so let me for a moment share my wide grin and join in the applause for my beautiful island.

(Necessary pause observed and back to book-work.)

I finished chapter 5 of my new project on Monday and sent my peddle baby (yes that name is going to stick) to an agent yesterday. I highlighted this as the last couple days have been hectic overall and I’m elated that I still got some things done, even though it’s not as much as I’d like.

The new project is currently at chapter 8. So the next question from you to me is, “If that’s the case how come you said you only just finished chapter 5?” The answer is a bit weird, but I’ll try not to meander too much. You see, when I started writing this particular story — I’ll call it the ‘new kid’ from here on out, I felt out of my element and a part of that was because I was focusing so much on how I thought it should be because of the subject matter, as opposed to just writing and letting it flow as I usually do. I haven’t worked with these elements in this way before and I decided to psych myself out and be all silly about it, instead of again — just putting fingers to keys. This resulted in words on screen sure, but I could feel something was wrong.

Over the course of some days I realised what it was, the chapters were in the wrong place, or rather, certain ideas had come out way too quickly than they should have. So, in order to counteract this, I filled in the blanks with new chapters, hence how chapter 5 came to be the one I finished recently, as opposed to the original version of the chapter, which is now 7 or 8, don’t remember which.

Today I plan on continuing to chapter 9 and sending a query email to at least one other agent. I still have work for my real job (despite the fact that yes, it’s a bank holiday), so as I said in earlier posts, whatever little bit I can do I will try to, as that leads me a step closer every time.

Cheers readers 🙂