Grindstone Alert…

I’m back to work today and as such, have to get back into squeezing as much time in for writing/peddling that I can, as opposed to leisurely doing so whenever I want to. I value those times when I can literally sit back and just write without a phone call or some other interruption. In short, my three weeks away have been wonderful.

I realise that some people would think that working on stories while on vacation isn’t exactly a vacation, but I see it as pretty simple — don’t work…don’t get ahead. Now that I’m back, my mind is already jumping here, there, everywhere, trying to figure out how to organise my day. Yes today, because it’s a day by day process. Each day is different, so I need to see where to slot in ‘all things related to writing’, so I don’t lose a day in that department.

The standards in most of my days are — work, gym and food, not necessarily in that order. I don’t have a regular 9-5 which is a blessing in its own way as I can be pretty flexible, but, it also means that at times when I’d like to kick back and retreat to my true passion, I have to go out to work or get a phone call that indicates I need to do something work-related. A journalist’s job is never done? Probably not as bad as that, but I do have one of those jobs that while on Wednesday  — Barbados’ Independence day, most people will be enjoying some kind of bank-holiday related activity, I will be working….unless! I get enough done between today and Tuesday, so I can maybe get away with taking Wednesday.

Either way, I said all of that to show why I sometimes have such difficulty finding the time to devote to writing. Difficulty however, doesn’t mean can’t and that’s why I’m currently typing to you and simultaneously thinking of my first assignment, while still contemplating the little pockets when I can steal much needed writing time. I’m so excited about the new project — which by the way is full on fantasy and as for my peddle baby (what?) I feel a bit anxious, but still want to make sure I shop it as much as I can.

In closing, the same way I found these minutes to type this, there’s no way I won’t find some for writing today (she said with conviction).

Have a fantastic day readers and do as much as you can with your time as possible.