The Quest For Agent Orange…

No, not dealing with health, but thought it was a way to highlight the fact that my search for agents/publishers is underway.

I used to dismiss the idea of needing an assistant and though I probably won’t have one in the near future i.e – by tomorrow, they really MUST come in handy. No, not for things like picking up dry-cleaning, but, as I sit and think more and more about the sheer volume of work looming ahead of me, it would be nice to have a bit of help.

Don’t worry though, I’m not dwelling and as that’s the case here’s a portion, emphasis on ‘portion’, of my everyday writer’s to-do list:

a) Write SOMETHING, even if it’s a paragraph.

b) Research and email/mail agents, remembering that each one is different, so a generic mail for something like this is just tacky in my opinion. Though, I’d love if I could, as it’d take less time.

c) Pick publishers I definitely want to send to and do so (unless they don’t accept unsolicited in which case the previous is more necessary).

Now if I didn’t have a regular job, this might not seem as daunting, but I do and I’m back to work on Monday and to top it all off, my department is short-staffed. Wonderful! However, this tale of obstacles will make a hell of a perseverance story when I’m published won’t it?

Readers, enjoy the day!

4 thoughts on “The Quest For Agent Orange…

  1. I do a weekly post on my blog called Write With Me Wednesdays. There might be something in that (the writing territories?) that would give you the first sentence or two to get you going.

    How are you going about looking for a publisher?

    1. At the moment I scour the internet for publishers in my genres (fantasy & science-fantasy) and the age-old method of checking the publishers of some of the books that are similar to mine. I’ve been trying to especially focus on those that will accept unsolicited materials, as I don’t yet have an agent or any other representative. Thank you for your comment and I will definitely check out your blog.

      1. That sounds like a pretty good plan. Also, you can “browse members” on Publishers Marketplace and find agents who are looking for fantasy. There is also a website called that might have some stuff that catches your interest.

        I’ll try and keep you in mind if I come across something!

        1. Thank you so much for the additional information! Every little bit helps and that’s a big bit, as I didn’t know Publishers Marketplace existed. Again, many thanks 🙂

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