Just Waiting…

It seems my body was just waiting for me to finish the story, before it decided to ‘hit me for six’ (cricket term – though I should note that while I know some of the lingo, I’m not a fan of the game.)

I say my body was just waiting, because I started to feel something weird coming on, but decided to wait until the next day (Monday), to see if it was all in my head or just allergies or something. Turns out it wasn’t, as I found out in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. A sore throat was upon me and as you can imagine, with a sore throat comes the horrible feelings that attach themselves to you without remorse. I started to feel like someone being attacked by a mild flu and as such, turned to Vitamin C (juice), pills (Panadol), lozenges (Halls and Strepsils) and bed. Seems to have worked too, as this morning I don’t feel nearly as ‘grungy’ as I did yesterday.

It took quite a lot to drag me away from my work, but I decided it was better to rest and get well, than work through it and be worse, for longer. However, I did manage a few paragraphs, though my close family and friends would have probably frowned upon this if I told them.

I’m working on the new project I spoke of in an earlier post and I’m excited by it, though it’s slightly daunting and strange at the same time. I say this because I have to approach this particular work differently than I have for any other. Instead of just letting words fall to the page as I usually do, the subject matter requires me to take moments, pause and really think through what my characters’ next course of action will be. It’s weird. This one also requires quite a bit of research, which isn’t foreign to me in the least, as I’ve had to with earlier stories and, my job often requires it as well (journalist). Doesn’t mean I always love doing it though.

By the way, I realise I never quite said what kind of writing I do. I am completely taken with science-fantasy and enjoy fantasy even more. I love writing about things that have been dreamt then put on paper and those that haven’t been and open the eyes of the reader to a completely new world, that is just beyond our reach. I also tried my hand at a bit of chick-lit, which I’ll focus on more intensely when I’ve published a few books in my preferred genres. There are a few other fictional genres I enjoy, but in the future when you hear the name J.R. Jones, you will probably always associate it with the above-mentioned sci-fantasy or fantasy.

Today I continue to let my paranormal world come alive and yes, I will rest in between, as I know I’m not completely free of the woods yet. Readers, have a fantastic day!