Double Fs…

I finished formatting (double fs) a day ago and let me reiterate — it will be so much easier writing in the requested format from the get-go!  Having to re-format takes up so much time that can be spent doing other things. Currently I’m cleaning up the last bits and pieces and then it will be officially finished — at least from my desk. There’s no telling what an agent/publisher/editor will think when it reaches theirs.

I want to start officially shopping it on Monday, yay! That feels really great. You see, I’ve written lots of things over the years, but this is the first one that I would have COMPLETELY finished and aimed to shop extensively.

When I was younger, 15 to be exact, I wrote my first novel — or so I thought. Turned out it was actually a short story – just under 30,000 words lol. I’ve always loved writing, but allowed fear to stand in the way of pushing the work. Fear of rejection in particular, which is something you just can’t focus on in a business like this. I think being in a local rock band — yes I was in a rock band for about 4 years, allowed me to get a hell of a lot better at being rejected lol. At first there were tears and that sick feeling we sometimes get, but then a fire started to kick in, as I relied on the knowledge that we were good as a band and as such, our popularity did increase and there was much less rejection.

I believe the same for my writing. I don’t think it’s arrogance to acknowledge what you’re good at and while it doesn’t feel great to ever be rejected — for anything, I believe in my product and that what I write will eventually be flying off the shelves. I don’t just say this for me and my own writing, but for anyone who is feeling down or dejected, believe in yourself and your abilities.

As for today? Well, I’ve been getting a weird thing going on with my left eye, not sure if it’s eye-strain, so while I want to, if I do stay at the computer it may not be for long periods at any given time. What I actually want to do today though, is finish cleaning the project I’m working on now, so it is officially done, something that shouldn’t take too long considering lots of the groundwork is out of the way. Secondly, I want to get cracking on and research a bit for a project I started about a month back. I decided to work on things that are fresh and new because I was getting kind of annoyed looking at older works. It may seem kind of silly to an on-looker, cause a few of these are near completion. However, this is the way I need to do it for me. By the time I return to those, they will be the ones that seem new and exciting lol.

Ciao for now and many well-wishes to all who read this 🙂