Deadline? What deadline…?

I did not meet my deadline today.

I allowed other things to get into the way of what I needed to get done and because of it, watched as the minutes slipped by, turning into hours, until now I’m a bit too tired to be properly productive.

It isn’t that I did no work on the manuscript, I just intended to finish formatting by today and that hasn’t happened because of the above.

Another thing — I think worrying about the feelings of others sometimes holds me back. I’m the kind of person that when I write, or do anything related, I enter into a kind of fog that doesn’t allow people in. I’ve been a bit concerned about this recently and haven’t been going ‘under’ as I usually do. While this might be great for others, it doesn’t always bode well for me.

I see now that I need to find the acceptable line between the two. The place where I can be lost in the fog, but still snap back to the reality of the world functioning all around me, when necessary.

I’d rather this than feel frustrated because I haven’t done as much as I’d like to, or spent time dealing with things or people that I could put off for a little while longer, in order to at least finish THIS work, so I can get cracking on finishing others.

Tomorrow is another day and should I live to see it, the formatting continues and hopefully this time…is completed.