Die Synopsis DIE!

Okay, not really, but that is how I’ve been feeling today as I try for the first time to properly write my synopsis for the manuscript I want to peddle. Yes, that word degrades it a little, but that is essentially what all writers are doing when they first decide to break into the wide world of publishing. What’s wonderful — and I say that sarcastically, is that all the information I’m getting about how to do all the things related to sending eg, synopses, manuscript format etc, I’m getting from what I hope are reputable sites online as there’ s no one to ask. I have no agent — need to hunt for one that will welcome me with open arms despite my lack of best-seller background and I know no one who has published internationally and can as such ensure that my ‘facts’ are indeed just that.

Despite all this, discouragement is not an option — that would just be silly wouldn’t it? So yes, I might want to give the idea of a synopsis a kick in the face, but in reality I’m still going to drag myself back to it so I don’t waste time pining when I could be being simply awesome ^^.

3 thoughts on “Die Synopsis DIE!

    1. Yes, they know full well how difficult they’re being, but I think they probably just think — ‘You think you’re good? Then prove it.’ *maniacal laughter*

  1. Like the name and I think this will be a great way to chronicle your rise to bets-seller fame! ^_^ Keep at it girl!!

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